SR Data


Satellite data applications
Geospatial Scouting
Forest Management
Social Phenomena Analysis
Natural Disaster Forecasting and Response
Environmental Monitoring
Urban development
Airports, railways and other logistics activities awareness. Distribution centers and warehouse operations assessment.
Rainforest monitoring and illegal deforestation detection.

Military intelligence, epidemics aftermath monitoring. Military conflicts analysis, human rights protection.
Natural disasters monitoring, e.g. wildfires, floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions.
Forecasting environmental conditions, pollution insights for enterprise activity monitoring.
Urban planning, green space management.
Field boundaries, crop variety awareness, optimal vegetation index investigation.

Ice Monitoring
Ice condition awareness, ice thickness monitoring, ice tracking across Northern Sea Route and the Arctic.
Industrial Facilities Monitoring
Investment attractiveness evaluation, CapEx monitoring, e.g. large-scale construction progress.
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