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Process propriety satellite images to detect buildings using the power of AI.
AI image processing service
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Download the result
Submit the image for processing.
Upload an image and enter area coordinates in WGS 84 format.
Acquire high-resolution satellite imagery according to your requirements
Specify the desired area, resolution required, permissible cloud cover percentage and other parameters to obtain the images using our service.
Select the desired imagery from the list to proceed.
Once the imagery is ready, you will receive a notification to download the archive from your personal account.
We use a distributed ledger technology (blockchain) to verify the authenticity of your images and the subsequent analysis using our proprietary AI models.
Service for ordering satellite images.
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How it works

You will find additional parameters on the left

  • Low resolution is useful for tracking emergency response and global environmental monitoring.
  • Medium resolution is useful for forest management, crops management and land use monitoring .
  • High resolution is most useful for monitoring crop growth, detecting pests and tracking other agricultural risks. It is also useful for monitoring construction sites, mineral extraction activities and assessing forest conditions.
  • Very high resolution is useful for tracking agricultural inventory, transportation, oil and gas infrastructure development among other things, and creating high-precision terrain models.
Use this filter to specify the area that you would like to capture with our satellite imagery product. You can specify the entire area on the screen, select a specific part of the map, or upload a coordinates file.

Use this filter to specify the time period during which the imagery required for your use case was taken.

Additional filters

Choose from a variety of satellites that can be used to obtain imagery required. See examples
  • Radar: a type of imaging that uses radio waves, useful for detecting highly reflective objects such as ships or airplanes.
  • Panchromatic: black and white image.
  • Multispectral: light captured in different spectrums, useful for deep analysis.
  • Infrared: infrared spectrum, useful for identifying chemical substances in solids, liquids and gases
The more cloud cover there is, the fewer ground objects can be detected using a typical optical image. The optimal overcast threshold is up to 20%.

Adjust this parameter if your use case requires a particular type of shadow created by objects tracked.

Satellite's roll angle determines the angle at which the image will be taken. A larger roll angle results in objects on the surface appearing three-dimensional.

Image type
Overcast threshold
Sun height
Roll angle
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